Instrument iSIX™ Series 

The instrument iSIX™ is a flexible system with Ultrasonic, Wash and Dry station with easy cleaning of the micro-dispensers. The instrument can be equipped with a flexible amount of target glass- or plastic-slides, MTP holders and two coolable sources. The head camera performs in-line quality control for finding missed spots, which are re-spotted with the second single pin head in order to achieve the highest microarray quality. 
M24You’s PinDMD technology is made for low volume protein and DNA microarray printing on different coolable targets under controlled conditions (Climate Control system for controlling temperature, humidity and DEW point). The technology combines two different micro-dispensers in one instrument: 
Pin Driven Micro-Dispenser (PinDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications, with Dual Head and inline QC for an optimal microarray result 
Piezo Driven Micro-Dispenser (PDMD) for pico- to low nanolitre applications 

Key Features 

High throughput applications 
High production capacity 
Automated target and microarray imaging 
Multi-pin head for fast microarray printing 
In-line QC for the highest microarray quality 
Flexible deck configuration 
Different instrument sizes available 
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