Smartpath™ Technology 

Automatic Pathlength Adjustment 
The DS-11 uses the proprietary SmartPath™ Technology, which automatically determines the proper path length for measuring your sample. Other microvolume spectrophotometers offer multiple pathlengths but require the user to guess at what pathlength they need, prior to measuring the sample! The DS-11 uses real-time absorbance data to determine what path length (ranging from 0.03-0.5mm) is optimal for each sample. 
Ultra High Absorbance 
The DS-11 can measure absorbance as high as 500 absorbance units (at a 1cm equivalent pathlength). This translates into 750 mg/ml of BSA protein or 25000 ng/μl of dsDNA. (In reality, concentrations this high may be too viscous to measure but we use these numbers for reference only). This ultra high absorbance capability is achieved by using a remarkably small pathlength of 0.03mm (30 microns) enabled by our SmartPath™ Technology. Even at a pathlength this small, typical CV of measurements is less than 3%. 
Truly 1.0 μl Sample Measurement 
A great feature of the DS-11 is that the longest path length used is 0.5mm path compared to a 1.0mm path used by other micro-volume spectrophotometers. This enables the DS-11 to truly measure 1.0 μl samples and virtually eliminates the possibility of sample column breakage which often results in erratic measurements. 
Super Precision 
The reproducibility of measurements on the DS-11 is a key feature. At 500 ng/μl, sample CV is typically less than 1%. 
No Recalibration Required 
By using SmartPath™ Technology, the DS-11 does not rely on fixed pathlength calibrations and therefore does not require regular recalibration checks. However, it is good practice to periodically confirm proper instrument operation. We offer two concentrations of verification fluid, VF-1 and VF-2, to confirm proper operation across the very broad absorbance measurement range. 
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