Laboratory Equipment 

Auto Q Biosciences is delighted to offer a fantastic range of Next Generation Laboratory Equipment from around the world. We have looked at conventional systems employed in O2 incubators, vacuum concentration and contained workstations and applied new, improved technologies into revolutionary designs to make your laboratory workplace a quieter, more spacious and productive environment. 

Biological Workstations 

Whether you are working with live cells or preparing biological reactions you will find a workstation to suit your needs. 
Datasheets (PDF) 

CO2 Incubators 

Auto Q Biosciences is proud to introduce a unique range of CO2 Incubators with Plasma Power Sterilisation Technology: 
no more messy steam sterilisation 
no more filter changes 
saves you time and power consumption 
a choice of small, large and extra large units 
six side heat system 
precise temparature control. 
Datasheets (PDF) 

Shaking CO2 Incubator 

The Anicell is the first shaking CO2 incubator to offer high cell growth capacity at an economical price. >>MORE DETAILS 
Special Features Include: 
3 Independent Shaking Platforms 
3 split level glass doors 
3 removable shelves 
6 side heat application 
UV or plasma sterilisation 
Hepa Filtration 
Humidity Tray 
Infra Red CO2 Control 
Microprocessor Temperature control 
Datasheet (PDF) 

Mobile Multistation 

Stem Cell Extraction - Blood Processing - Amniotic Fluid / Tissue Handling 
A unique concept in biological cabinet design, the Beauty Cell combines a centrifuge and shaking incubator within a Class II work space – ideal for processing stem cells from blood, fat or processes requiring easier / faster levels of handling. 
Features include: 
Centrifuge with rotor for 50ml tubes (refrigeration option available) 
Shaking Incubator with tube adaptors 
Foot pedal control of centrifuge and Shaking incubator 
Suction Pump with footpedal control 
UV light and airspeed control 
Available in 800mm and 1200mm Workspace width 


N Biotek Shakers employ the latest metal plate direct drive mechanism which gives: 
– quietest operation 
– no increase in vibration with RPM 
– longer motor life 
– greater weight capacity. 
Datasheets (PDF) 

Benchtop Shaking Incubators 

N Biotek Benchtop Shaking Incubators offer the greatest range of cultivation, growth and reaction vessel holders in the Biotech industry Beltless direct drive units ensure extremely quiet operation and durability. 
Datasheets (PDF) 

Vacuum Concentrators 

A full range of vacuum concentration equipment 
Datasheets (PDF) 
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