M24You Contact/Non-Contact Liquid Handling Solutions 

High Performance Ultra-Low Volume Systems for Multiple Applications 
The M24You portfolio of micro-dispensing and ultra-low volume liquid handling systems can be employed in a wide range of biological, pharmaceutical and chemical applications, for contact and non-contact spotting and micro-dispensers which can be customised for different specific applications. 
Innovation Delivering Optimal Flexibility, Range and Cost Reduction 
The development and incorporation of M24You’s unique Quattro-Jet technology effectively combines four different micro-dispensers into one instrument, greatly broadening application range, saving you time, effort and significant investment costs in having to purchase numerous different systems. 
M24You’s expertise in ultra-low volume liquid handling technology and micro-dispensing has created uniquely flexible platforms which support a wide range of application areas, such as the easy and efficient development of microarrays, Lab-on-a-chip systems, lateral flow devices, biosensors and MALDI. M24You’s unique technology enables spotting on multiple targets, including nitrocellulose membranes, glass slides, MTPs and microfluidic devices. 
Select from the options below for your M24You system; 
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