EZScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System 

Live Cell, Live Show; The EZScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System helps streamline your research workflow – no need to remove cells from incubators to observe, 24/7 remote measurements!  

Incubator Live View 
Designed to be used within your incubator, without the need to remove your cells from their optimal growth environments, enhancing accuracy of measurements 
Up to four cultures can be measured simultaneously within an incubator, reducing repeat tasks, reducing risk and of course, saving time 
Minimise Experimental Variability 
Up to four EZScope units can be housed in one incubator (as shown) and controlled by one PC or laptop. This enables simultaneous monitoring of different samples and reduces the risk of errors or inaccuracies caused by environmental disturbance and variation 
Exceptional Image Quality 
EZScope 101 boasts high-performance Bright-field (w/white LED) optics and high-resolution image quality at 1280 x 1080 pixels. 
Coupled with ultra-precise motorised focussing and two interchangeable magnifying objective lenses, the EZScope 101 delivers exceptional image quality 
Remote Monitoring 
EZScope 101 can facilitate flexible remote monitoring of your assays and experiments via Windows-based remote desktop software 
Easy Image Editor 
EZScope’s EZCapture software captures and edits images easily to deliver; 
Live preview for up to 4 units of EZScope 
Single image capture or time-lapse series 
Flat-fielding correction for Bright-field background 
Time-lapse video output 
Spatial calibration 
Measurement and convergence analysis 
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