Breathe Easy in Challenging Times 

When faced with challenges that threaten our health we naturally look to strive to put into place safety measures that eliminate or reduce that health risk. 
The current pandemic is one of those health challenges that may continue to present itself now and into the future. A particular difficulty that we all face is how to control the quality of the air we breath. Now, it is not clear if all microbial challenges are air bourne, but those that are can be effectively removed by the Air Strike 3 series of air purification systems. 
Strike 3 is a unique system that offers 3 modes of virus removal thereby increasing the kill rate of each virus or bacteria. Not only is the system highly effective but is also non obtrusive with low running noise and a choice of front cover graphics to help blend in with your environment. 
Kill 99.9% of all Viruses 
Kill 99.9% of Bacteria 
Eliminate dust particles 
Control Air Quality 

Striker Strike 3 Series (Patent Pending) Air Clean Systems 

Three Stage Virus/Microbe Removal 

Strike 1 –First System kills or weakens the virus ready for.. 
Strike 2 – Second stage destroys the DNA or RNA of the virus before moving to….. 
Strike 3 – Final stage of the capture of deactivated debris; 
Copper Chamber Option available to maintain sterility 
Night clubs 
Hotel Rooms 
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