EasyApps™ Software 

Application Highlights  

Key Features 
Intuitive application icons for quick recognition 
Familiar Android navigation touch gestures and functional icons 
Fluid pinch, zoom glove-compatible touch interface 
AutoRun option for streamlined operation 
Optimized screens for reports and graph overlays 
Password-protected accounts for project and data management 
Absorbance represented as 1 cm equivalent for all apps – no confusion between applications 
Sample name field is key-focused for easy barcode reader use 
All data is automatically archived and easily exported in tab-delimited format 
Nucleic Acids 
Separate pre-configured applications for optimized workflow 
Pre-configured and user defined factors for ssDNA ensures appropriate concentration calculations 
High absorbance capability: up to 25,000 ng/μl for dsDNA 
260/280 and 260/230 ratios displayed 
11 Pre-configured dyes and fluorophores for Microarray 
Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Microarray 
Labelled Proteins 
Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow 
Preconfigured and user defined protein types for A280 and Labelled Proteins 
Quick addition of new user defined protein types for improved workflow 
Ultra-short pathlength enables high absorbance capability: up to 750 mg/ml BSA 
11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorophores for Labelled Proteins 
Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Labelled Proteins 
BCA, Bradford, Lowry and 660 nm colorimetric assays optimized for ease of use 
Quick save and recall of standard curves available 
UV-Vis & Custom User Methods 
Std Curve Methods 
Formula Methods 
Simple but powerful apps enable measurement of more than just nucleic acids and proteins 
Full spectrum analysis (190 to 840 nm) 
Broad absorbance range for highly concentrated samples (up to 500 A, 1 cm equivalent) 
Add new standard curve methods 
Add custom formulas to eliminate downstream calculations 
Add new kinetics methods (DS-11+ model) 
Kinetics & OD 600 
OD 600 
DS-11+ model enables cuvette based kinetics studies 
Full spectrum analysis (190 to 840 nm), with dual or single wavelength monitoring 
Built-in heater with temperature control between 37° to 45° C. 
Dual graphs enable absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs. wavelength plots 
All kinetic data saved 
Save new kinetics methods (DS-11+ model) 
Estimated cell number calculator included in OD 600 app 
Accounts & Data 
Password-protected accounts available 
All data automatically archived 
All data searchable by account, sample name, sample type, application or date of measurement 
Quick reports may be printed with DeNovix supported printer 
Full data sets may be shared via email or exported to a USB device 
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